11 June 2010

Sleek new designs! (same ol lunatic at the helm.)

Despite the redundancy of this announcement I still feel I must announce this new news:
the blog has had a face-lift!

Check out the sleek new designs! Scroll down, the blogs been on the treadmill and drinking smoothies!
Ergonomic features include:
- a wider blog format!
- eye friendly sleekness!
- colours similar but slightly different from the old ones!
- and a BRAND NEW BANNER at the top of the page!

SOMEONE'S getting a raise! Not me. But... well, someone at 'blogger' maybe. I might get myself a goldfish for the office...

Soon to follow will be new stuff over on The Mothership Kreddible Trout Connection! Don't go there now. Wait until tomorrow. Seriously, if I see all sorts of hits on the website before I make the new additions the goldfish gets it!

... ok... I'd never harm a goldfish.

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