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This is the news posts from entire 1st year of Kreddible Trout Dot Com. All wrapped up in one easy to ignore bundle. As I am trying to streamline things (harhar) I've decided to remove the NEWS section from the website and deflect people here instead. They'll still see NEWS on the page, but when they click it... it'll bring em to the blog instead!!! (...devilish laugh...)

So, if space permits in this post, below is the entire last year of NEWS posts on for those KTP historians and teenage fan clubs out there who need to be in the know, y'know?


** February 5 2010 ** January Roundup
Well, the first month of 2010 has been kind to The Mothership Kreddible Trout Connection as our hits to the site were off the charts!

check it out:

2501 Hits Last Month
331 Unique Visitors Last Month
124 visitors from United States
118 visitors from Unknown
53 visitors from Canada
9 visitors from United Kingdom
8 visitors from China
7 visitors from Australia
3 visitors from France
2 visitors from Germany
1 visitor from Russian Federation
1 visitor from Netherlands
1 visitor from Ukraine
1 visitor from Japan
1 visitor from Indonesia
1 visitor from Israel
1 visitor from Romania

Heya Ukraine... thanks for bringing the perogies. Next time, bring enough for the whole class would you?

** Jan 28, 2010 ** - Satisfied Customer or Tuba Nut? You be the judge.

As far as endorsements go the following is probably the most fitting for me and gives my long winded marketing jargon a serious run for it's money.
Mr. Agle, of San Diego California, commissioned me to do a piece for him in October after having seen my 'uniquely mounted' stuff on Gabriola. It was delivered on Monday, January 25th. It looks like this. The 'aforementioned' business is referring to the description next to the piece.

His testimonial is as follows:

"The Aforementioned "Odd" Mr. Agle
I, the aforementioned "odd" Mr. Agle, do hereby attest, confirm and otherwise redundantly overstate that all the crap Mr. Trout wrote about me and our collaborative effort is more or less accurate. More more than less. We had a blast. All you prospective purchasers out there in Consumerville, I highly recommend that you lift the lid off your brain, and dive head first into the creative eddy. Mr. Trout will, um, guide you? No. Um. Entertain you? Yeah. You will end up with something that makes people go "hmmmm". Guaranteed. And for those philanthropic types, if we all toss a pile of bucks at Mr. Trout, we can assist in his self-professed yearning to appear on the inside back cover of Cigar Afficianado, clothed - or rather, discretely draped - in a leaf of fine Cuban leaf. Or maybe that was my yearning projected upon Mr. Trout. Who cares. It was certainly somebody's yearning.
(Thanks, Mr. Trout, Sir. Live long and prosper.)

... you're very welcome John. And as for Cigar Magazines, if the fame and fortune comes rolling in off this enterprise (or any one really, I'm easy), I'll do a centerfold holding nothing but a smokin H. Upmann. And yes, you can bet on it.

**Jan 10, 2010** Christmas Season Stats, Year End Wrap-Up, New Year's Relocations and Some Leftovers.

Bet'cha all thought I'd vanished. All two of you were sitting there, waiting, breath bated at the end of November and... nothing. Not a peep from the Trout.

"Where's the November wrap up?'
'Where's the stats?'
'Is Mr. Trout ok?'
'I bet he got all important since winning 3rd place in that big photography competition! Bet he's just going to forget all about us while he's jet-setting about with Ansel Adams' great grand-nephew Buxby taking pictures of famous naked celebrities and their clothed pets!'

Well... not so much.

1) Here's the poop. November was such a dismal month for hits to the site, I hid away in shame and came up with the idea to combine November and December into one category! Kinda like at the mall. As soon as my Halloween costume hit the floor, up went the X-Mas lights and 'the season' began.

...and here are the results: (big word up to Slovakia and Ireland)
1067 Hits
249 Unique Visitors
158 visitors from United States
46 visitors from Unknown
21 visitors from Canada
15 visitors from China
3 visitors from Romania
2 visitors from France
2 visitors from Germany
1 visitor from Russian Federation
1 visitor from Belgium

909 Hits
330 Unique Visitors
174 visitors from United States
88 visitors from Unknown
25 visitors from China
17 visitors from Canada
5 visitors from European Union
5 visitors from United Kingdom
4 visitors from Australia
3 visitors from Germany
2 visitors from Romania
2 visitors from France
1 visitor from South Africa
1 visitor from Russian Federation
1 visitor from Slovakia
1 visitor from Finland
1 visitor from Ireland

2) Year End Wrap-Up. The year didn't quite end with a bang Stats wise, but if you noticed the big announcement on the mainpage since early december, yours truly came in 3rd place in Digital Camera Magazine's Photographer of the Year, Destination Everywhere Category with the shot the s.s. perception! That, coupled with the news that a large print purchase of pinch made months ago was successfully framed and mounted right around christmas time and a big commissioned piece I'm working on for a gentleman in California coming into clearer focus for me has made up for the lagging web hits.

3) New Years Relocations. After spending a year living on beautiful Gabriola Island My fiancee and I, in early December, decided we needed to move back to Victoria. This decision was hard, though the right bitter-sweet one for now. We're happy with our decision and found a stunning little place in the Cook Street area. So, shop is now back in Victoria. Business number is 250-858-7858. Some of you will be seeing me on the streets. I respond well to coffee.

4) Leftovers. There's not much here. Any leftovers on the 10th of the month have probably turned to the darkside by now and should either be thrown out or sent to the back of the fridge for 'Name That Science Experiment' in June.

PEACE OUT 2009. We here at Kreddible Trout Photographic Enterprises are looking forward to to a monstrously successful first quarter earnings projection! Or... strangers buying us coffee. Whatever.


**Nov 10, 2009** - kreddible trout on lensbaby website!

hey there folks. Just a quick word to say that kreddible trout's image thailand metaphor is featured on Lensbaby's website. there's a drop bar called 'optic', click on it and hit the 'double glass optic'. I think it's the first one on that page.



** Nov 6, 2009 ** - October Stats - 'we sail tonight for singapore'

Bet'cha thought I forgot about stats time! All two of you out there with your eager eye on the pulse of this website, waiting with bated breath (so bated) thinking 'when, OH WHEN is he going to post the stats? And sweet jeebus when will he stop mixing metaphors???'

Well. Today. Right now. Happy?

Nothing really crazy to report. The Martians are still coming in second and Canada shows us it's might in it's usual per capita kinda way. The one bit of interest is the onslaught of Singaporeans. Which is just weird to me. I'm happy, don't get me wrong, it's just weird.

Heya Romania. Nice hat you got there.

scorecards ready? aaaaaaaaand.... go!

1750 Hits Last Month
366 Unique Visitors Last Month
246 visitors from United States
49 visitors from Unknown
26 visitors from Canada
15 visitors from China
13 visitors from Singapore
5 visitors from Australia
4 visitors from France
3 visitors from United Kingdom
1 visitor from Russian Federation
1 visitor from Israel
1 visitor from Spain
1 visitor from Romania
1 visitor from European Union

first person to email me get's a free Kreddible Trout Collectable Keychain. For real. I just want to see who's reading. Put Krazy Keychain Giveaway in the subject box and you can dangle your keys like &no one's& business!


** Oct 30, 2009 ** - Employee Of The Month Makes Good!

Kreddible Trout Photography's employee of the month, William Foley has made the shortlist in Digital Camera Magazine's Photographer of the Year 2009 in the Destination Everywhere category with his shot The S.S. Perception (third down). PhotoRadar is the website of Digital Camera Magazine, a pretty big deal UK Publication.

Needless to say, Mr. Foley has been given permission to wear dungarees to work for the entire month of November and gets to drink from the executive water cooler! (provided he brings his own drinking cup & does not try to engage any of the important people in conversation)

Cross your fingers very hard for him as he hopes to make the super-super-short-list to win 10,000 pounds. (he'll ask for pounds of chocolate) However, against such competition he's humbled just to be allowed in the room. There is some fantastic work in the competition.

Great news!


** Oct 4, 2009 ** - It's September Stats Time!

Well folks… September! What are you gonna do?
Some people see it as back to school time. Some, the beginning of autumn. The marketplace sees it as the beginning of the X-mas shopping season (or is that Easter?). We here at Kreddible Trout Photography think of it as… well, the month the South Africans came to visit.
September started with a bizarre race for second place. The Martians (unknown),the Canadians, the Chinese and the South Africans all falling in behind the United States. Then the Martians put on the warp speed & off they went leaving Canada and South Africa neck & neck for third! Until the middle of the month they see-sawed for third until Canada (probably bored because hockey season hadn’t started) finally came forward. The big question being: who called the South Africans? I haven’t been this shocked by a country hitting my site since China came on the scene.

Nice turn out Turkey.
How’s it goin’ Finland? Good to see you.

So here they are… the September stats:

1989 total hits
359 Unique Visitors Last Month
210 visitors from United States
74 visitors from Unknown
38 visitors from Canada
18 visitors from China
9 visitors from South Africa
3 visitors from Turkey
2 visitors from United Kingdom
1 visitor from Finland
1 visitor from Germany
1 visitor from Japan
1 visitor from Russian Federation
1 visitor from France


** Sept 22, 2009 ** - Kreddible Trout 2010 Calendar Crazeeness!!!

Hey there folks! Just a quick reminder from the good people here at Kreddible Trout Photographic Industries that 2010 calendars are available for purchase at my redbubble page.

And as we're doing a little shameless promotion (is there really any other kind?) let's not forget the always fashionable Kreddible Trout original t-shirts and, as always, the yummy yummy photographic art !

Haven't your walls and torso have gone long enough without Kreddible Trout Art? Your cool friends think so.

in closing this 'quick reminder' let's all sing the slogan! - ...cos everyone should have a little piece of Trout to nail to the wall! (and to wear on your body).


** Sept 2, 2009 ** - lazy august wrap-up

Well, another month another China update... er... update. Once again the Sleeping Giant stirred and almost took 3rd place from the home country. Otherwise known as the Sleeping Hoser. As a matter of fact, one insider reports (the insider is me) that for the first week and a half they were second to the ever powerful USA. And hows about the Yanks? 133 unique visitors! Nicely done my brothers & sisters to the south.
This last month has been a little slow over here at KTP Headquarters. The sun was shining, frisbees needed throwing and I just didn't get around to updating the site much. Hence the low turn out. Or maybe I just suck. Well... China doesn't think so! RIGHT CHINA?!?

Ella Greece! Ti-kanis?

scorecards ready? aaaaaand GO!

1408 Hits Last Month
238 Unique Visitors Last Month
133 visitors from United States
48 visitors from Unknown
21 visitors from Canada
17 visitors from China
5 visitors from France
2 visitors from Netherlands
2 visitors from Australia
1 visitor from United Kingdom
1 visitor from Russian Federation
1 visitor from Hungary
1 visitor from South Africa
1 visitor from Greece
1 visitor from Poland
1 visitor from Switzerland
1 visitor from Romania
1 visitor from Brazil
1 visitor from Ireland


** Aug 1, 2009 ** - it's monthly wrap up time!

get out your score cards kids, it's time once again for everybody's favorite moment on the internet: the monthly wrap-up! July was a pretty exciting month for me as we broke all attendance records with a whopping 3331 hits to the ol picture bonanza warehouse.
Now I know, I know... some of you out there in internet land are saying 'three thousand hits? so what? I eat 3000 hits in my cereal every morning!' But ignorance is bliss and I don't know what an honorable number of hits looks like so until I do I'll gloat about 3331.
I've given up on mocking my country for always lagging behind the USA. The USA is just better and bigger and prettier and shinier than us, we have to accept that Canada. Don't we? Well... if you do not believe that we're a lesser country I suggest you tell all your Canadian friends to check out the website & get our Canuck pride reflected on my analytics board. Surely that will hoist our pride enough to bring the cup home in 11 months. (and we all know that home is in Montreal)
As you can see by the results, China is still a key player which of course makes me a little frightened. I worry that my taunting has awoken the sleeping giant & I really hope he woke up on the good side of the bed.
The Martians (visitors from unknown), well what can I say, you may have tentacles and weird crab-like facial appliances, but you're some of my best supporters. I don't morally agree with your diet of gerbils & would like it if one of you made a purchase from me (I think 'bug 50' would make a good addition to any flightdeck) but you're alright.

Word up, Taiwan!

3331 Hits Last Month
297 Unique Visitors Last Month
120 visitors from United States
63 visitors from Canada
61 visitors from Unknown
21 visitors from China
4 visitors from Romania
4 visitors from United Kingdom
3 visitors from Australia
3 visitors from Germany
3 visitors from Israel
2 visitors from New Zealand
2 visitors from France
2 visitors from Finland
2 visitors from Turkey
1 visitor from Austria
1 visitor from Taiwan
1 visitor from Japan
1 visitor from Russian Federation
1 visitor from European Union
1 visitor from Spain
1 visitor from Syria

that it from me this month. see you all again at back to school time!


** July 23, 2009 ** - Kreddible Trout T-Shirts now 15% off!!! One week only!!!

This just in to the KTTV news service:
Over at my redbubble page you can find an assortment of snazzy activewear (and lazywear) from the good folks at Kreddible Trout Photographic Industries (Functional Outerwear Division). Browse through several designs from sarcastic to almost sarcastic to down right snide. You can even get your very own OFFICIAL Kreddible Trout Tee with the mug of the mad scientist himself smacked across the front of it!

what are you waiting for????



** July 8, 2009 ** - KT in FILE magazine

I've got another shot into FILE Magazine !

the first was in the Lensbabies Gallery (scroll through to find it and see a ton of stunning shots before and after it.)

...something about wednesdays....


** July 1, 2009 ** - Site Stats

this is something I've been doing since I started the site, a monthly round up of stats & my personal observations on them. I've been doing it on my KTP facebook page and for some reason, not here. So, below is the latest installment. See what the Chinee think of me!

Well folks it's that time again. Another month in the bag and it's time to open the tickle trunk & check out the website stats once more. So grab a hot chocolate. Snuggle under a blanket. Put down your iPhones & we'll begin.

I really really wanted to congratulate Canada (especially on Canada Day) for coming in at #1 this past month and for the longest time we were. Up until last week sometime unique Canadian visitors to the site were on the top of the board. But, like some cheesy underdog, come-from-behind movie the ol Stars and Stripes gave it all she had and came out victorious. Again.

So, once again, my hat's off to you, USA.

Now, on to the good/worrisome news (depending on how paranoid I am today). It seems that I've intrigued/pissed off the Chinese. Last month I commended the Chinese and the good folks from the United Arab Emirates who braved their stifling internet censorship policies to visit my little ol website. I think they had 2 hits each to Well... it seems this month the Chinese came out in record numbers. They were 3rd for most of the month until Canada & the US kicked it into high browsing gear & the martians (Unknown) came back into range. But seriously, 28 unique visitors from China? I've yet to see any sales to China (or really anywhere come to think of it) but I'd be interested to find out about shipping fees. HINT HINT China! (...hint hint everyone else)

ok, so below are the stats. I know you're all just dying to get to it. All 2 of you. Enjoy the results as I have. And in parting I'd like to give a big high five to Egypt. Thanks for comin by Egypt. Nice pyramids y'got there. June Stats:

2208 Hits Last Month
201 Unique Visitors Last Month
54 visitors from United States
50 visitors from Canada
47 visitors from Unknown
28 visitors from China
5 visitors from United Kingdom
4 visitors from Australia
3 visitors from Romania
3 visitors from European Union
2 visitors from France
1 visitor from Russian Federation
1 visitor from Egypt
1 visitor from Czech Republic
1 visitor from Republic of Korea
1 visitor from Norway


** June 23, 2009 ** - Kreddible Trout featured on redbubble homepage

hey there newshounds, this just in: Kreddible Trout's photo 'karma for dummies' has been featured on the redbubble homepage !

please go check it out!



** June 1, 2009 ** - News from the Artworks opening & Siobhan & Stephen's wedding

May was a busy month for KTP getting the finishing touches done for his opening at Atrtworks & shooting a wedding for some good friends. The opening went well and though the turnout was smallish, there was a lot of good feedback & one sale that night. The piece that sold was 'THE'. Yay for sold art!

The Wedding went well and was a lot of fun. I just got word from Siobhan as they just received the CD of the shots '...they're awesome!' quoth she. Yay for positive wedding photo feedback!

now... June...


** May 6, 2009 ** - Kreddible Trout’s First Solo Exhibit!!

Are you planning to be in the area of Gabriola Island in the Gulf Islands region of beautiful British Columbia between May 14th & Mid June? Then why not stop by Artworks in The Village & check out Kreddible Trout Photography’s very first solo exhibit?
Exactly, there’s no good reason not to!
The show is part of their recurring ‘New To You’ series which introduces new artists to the island (and vice-versa) and is always a huge ‘to-do’. Some have called it a shindig. I am hoping mine to be the first actual hootenanny but would be satisfied with it being a large hoop-la-ish type event.
The show will feature a lot of my uniquely mounted stuff (including two rather large pieces) as well as a plethora of framed photos and maybe even a bit of writing to accompany them. Opening night (May 14th 7pm) will be a huge party as are all events at Artworks and I’m hoping (though I still have to verify this) that there will be plenty of jelly beans for everyone! Oh, and wine & other yummy treats.
Gabriola Artworks is located at:
#9-575 North Rd (in the centre of Folklife Village)
phone 250-247-7412.


** March 24, 2009 ** - Come On Down To The Grand Opening!

Welcome one and all to Kreddible Trout Photography! This is the first official, real-deal website from the creative minds at Kreddible Trout Photographic Industries, the Kreddible Trout Global Conglomerate and Kreddible Trout Sewing Circle for Wayward Seniors! Ok, it's just me.

We're so excited, we're using exclamation points!!!

Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions and certainly if you're interested in shaking the Economy Blues by buying some yummy, yummy art!

It's 2:45 am and we're officially opened for business. Up late to bring the savings home to you!

Thanks for visiting. Please browse. I'm off to bed.