19 February 2010

NEWS - Published!

In early December 2009 Employee of the month William Foley brought international renown to the offices of Kreddible Trout Photographic Industries by coming in 3rd place in Digital Camera Magazine's 2009 Photographer of the Year Competition in the Destination Everywhere category with his shot 'the s.s. perception'. Normally we're pretty button-down around the office, but we allowed him to wear dungarees for a week. He also insisted on wearing a tiara with jube-jubes stuck to it. We resisted at first but he persisted. Soon the new year came, excitement waned, the jube-jubes were eaten and his ego had finally fluttered down & joined the rest of us in the cubicles. So, as fate would have it, this week his prize of 100 Great Britain Pounds came in the mail followed the very next day by a copy of the issue of Digital Camera Magazine that he was published in.

We thought the tiara was bad... we're worried that he's going to come in naked on 'biz-cas-fri'.

the magazine:
the winner:
the details:

...we're probably going to have to lay this guy off. He doesn't even share his jube-jubes.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations!!!!.. with exclamation marks! Brilliant shot.. so well deserved third place. Actually first place would have been better, but you know that.
    The tiara must go...
    All the best. Dorit (from RB)
    P.S. great blog. will try and follow.