26 February 2010


Ok, so... as I'm trying to connect e-friends I've made on the information super-highway and meet up with them on the real life highway (Victoria to Portland via the 5 and Route 101 the rest of the way) to see if they really exist, I need to let them know when and where I'll be. As well, I'll be selling art out of my trunk to help support the trip so I hope to see streams of welcome wagons flashing fist-fulls of cash all along the way. (...if the real world is half as entertaining as the one in my head, I'll have a great time.)
So here's the itinerary which is not-as-subject-to-change as you'd expect with me because some very generous friends of Col. John (& supporters of the Tour du Trout) are to be putting me up for nights in various places. There may be some variation especially after the first San Fran night, but as of now it's as follows:

March 19th - Leave Victoria via ferry to Seattle. End the day in Portland.
March 20th - Portland to Rockaway Beach (so I can sit there and listen to Rockaway Beach by the Ramones) & then on down Route 101 to somewhere around North Bend OR.
March 21 - North Bend-ish to Arcata CA. Staying 2 nights.
March 22 - Some form of Art Show/Performance Deal in Arcata. Spend the night.
March 23 - Arcata CA - San Fransisco. (potential for 2 nights there. If so, it'll be changed here)
March 24 - San Fransisco CA - Camarillo CA. (if no 2 nights in San Fran, maybe 2 nights here. I mean... it's LA!)
March 25 (or whatever) - Camarillo/LA area - San Diego. Arrive at Col. J's. Take a nap.

I've begun contacting my e-friends and e-peers but if you see this and want to be part of the fiasco or have some advice about where I can sell my 'tawdry wares' and/or do some performances (monologue/performance stuff) please feel free to email me at trout@kreddibletrout.com

Still working on the satin tour jackets. We'll let you know as soon as the 70s call us back.

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