12 February 2010

Hi friends. Come on in. Have a sit-down, won't you?

Well, here we are again. Another blog. I've begun several over the years for various reasons but they never really went very far. As a matter of fact kreddibletrout.com MachII was a blog. It was weird looking and had unpleasant social skills so, as these things go, we drifted apart.

This time it will be different.
This time, I mean it.
This time, I am committed! (Or perhaps I should be committed as you'll probably soon learn)

The difference between this and the other blogs that lay in my wake is that this is dedicated solely to my photographic endeavors. As things with Kreddible Trout Photography have begun moving in more serious directions (as serious as I can go with a clown nose) I feel the need to organize news and updates in one place.
This is that place and blog... you are the one.

I may go off on tangents, I may zig when you expect me to shimmy, but I'll do my best to keep updates and news as succinct as possible. I'll post news with a title that begins with 'NEWS' (how's that for clever?) and I'll leave the rambling for separate posts and intros... kinda like this one.

Now, at this late hour here at Kreddible Trout Industries with the fire almost out, the hot chocolate all gone and the cat securely taped to the ceiling... we bid you goodnight.
Say goodnight Troutie.
'Goodnight Troutie.'

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  1. goodnight Troutie!glad to get all my trout in one place.and now my blog is following your blog!