29 August 2010

Audacious Kreddible Trout Updates Nature! (wasn't it about time?)

That's right folks, I've had it up to here (imagine height demonstrated) with how stagnant nature has been lately so I decided to go on in there and spruce it up a bit! I pine, ceder and fir'd it up too, dang it!

Wha'choo talkin' 'bout, Trout? (...too soon?)

What I'm talking about is I've added some new stuff to the Nature section ye aulde website. That's what!

Nature? You shoot nature, Trout?

Hecks yeah! ...sometimes. To be honest it's not really my photographic cup of tea all that 'nature stuff'. I love to be in nature. Specifically naked and swimming in nature. But photographing it...? A tree's a tree. A creek's a creek. Pictures of it just don't cut it for me. Nothing compares to being in nature. No photograph can fill your lungs with pure oxygen or your soul with calm the way standing in a forest does. Sorry Ansel. It's pretty and all, but it's just a feeble copy.
I suppose it's my approach to art that makes nature difficult for me. I seem to photograph flaws. I try to photograph the human condition. I end up photographing the human condition and it's flaws. I take jabs at our silly ways. I'm petty like that. But nature is flawless. Until we enter the picture (pun intended). I think the only flaw in nature is that we've tried to separate ourselves from it. Which seems to be in our nature. Which is messed up. So there's nothing to 'jab' at with nature. 'My art' there has no purpose. Which is why I'm usually swimming naked and not taking pictures of it.

But sometimes I do. And they can be found in the Nature section of The Mothership Kreddible Trout Connection.

These are a couple of new ones taken at Lizard Lake a while back. Enjoy.

...ok... I like it sometimes. Please go on over and check out the rest. There'll be more to come soon.

23 August 2010

Kreddible Trout Industries Activewear Division

As some of you may know, Kreddible Trout Industries has an Activewear Division dedicated to bringing quality upper-body garments to the torsos of the world. Some people call these garments 't-shirts'.
T-shirts are vitally important to my generation. No one thought it would happen, but it seems that somewhere between the late 70s and the early 80s the bumpersticker fell out of fashion as the vessel for all things immensely profound and was replaced by the t-shirt. (The early 80s was just that kind of fearless time) From my first favorite tee 'homework rots my brain' in grade 3 I knew they were powerful. This t-shirt with a cartoon of a depressed looking ogre fellow with a pencil sticking out of his ear sitting above a pile of papers (presumably homework) seemed to make my teacher really really uptight. Anything that rocked my 8-year-old socio-political situation that strongly was bound to be more than just a garment! It was a statement. It was a revolution!

Needless to say, with the potential of evoking that kind of response... I had to start designing t-shirts. And now, lo these many years (and words in this blog... will he get on with it already??) later, Kreddible Trout Industries Activewear Division has made yet another sale of it's most popular, and hopefully controversial items! One of my favourite t-shirt designs 'nothing is real anymore' has sold for the 5th time, making it the most popular seller in the activewear catalog and darn near the most popular item in all Kreddible Trout Industries!

Here is the design of the t-shirt:

note the painstaking attention to detail:

this lovely (and mildly bitter) tee and many others of mine can be bought through the good people at redbubble. I'm actually wearing a redbubble tee right now... it's COMFY! Doesn't YOUR torso deserve a Kreddible Trout Tee?

Kreddible Trout Activewear... cos everyone should have a nice piece of Trout to slap on their torso!

18 August 2010

Kreddible Trout in David Suzuki Foundation's 20th Anniversary Calendar for 2011!

As we all know, it's hard to kickstart into full-on production mode after a long holiday and here at Kreddible Trout International Headquarters it's no different. Since returning from the the break for the big wedding to-do things have been pretty slow to start...
High atop the glistening, corporate headquarters of KTP Enterprises and Subsidiaries there are still a few cardboard & couch-cushion forts lingering like the ruins of some kindergarten civilization long forgot. The offices are strewn with pizza boxes, jelly beans, crushed root beer cans, the odd clown nose & some sort of frankenstein-esque creation taped to the boardroom door consisting of photocopies of various parts of the board of directors unclothed (and now quite libel) bodies. My head is the crowning glory of the horrific masterpiece and I don't know whose 'hey now' that is but whoever owns up is in line for a promotion!

So, as the confetti settles and the remnants of wedding wine gets 'stored away', the memo I got in my electronic mailbox today was quite a nice hang-over remedy...

Yours truly, Kreddible Trout has been honoured by having his photo comin' t'getcha included in the David Suzuki Foundation's 20th Anniversary Calendar for 2011! This is quite an honour indeed as Mr. Suzuki is someone I very much admire.

As some of you know, my artistic ideals tend to veer towards the progressive. Or they try to at least. They strive to somehow evoke some change. I've often said that I'm a mirror holder/finger pointer and one who's just vain/self-conscious enough to point the mirror/finger at himself as frequently as I do outward. We're an amazing, messed up and beautifully flawed species. This amuses me. Saddens me. Enlightens me. Fills me with joy. And fear. Photos such as comin t'getcha and others like it are where my heart truly is. The humour involved is always of a satirical nature and hopes to spawn thought. To have my work associated with a cause such The David Suzuki Foundation this is where I feel I belong artistically and I hope I continue to find similar venues for my work.

...and now... back to the office clean-up. If I had a shop vac, a hose and a new computer I'd be in fine form... guess I'll use this laptop to shovel garbage into the corner and sort it out after the new years party...

04 August 2010

Kreddible Trout is Hitched!

Ladies, gentlemen, children of all ages! Announcing Mr. and Mrs. Trout!

This past weekend (July 31st 2010) was Billy and Michelle's Carnival of Love where my stunning bride and I tied the knot amongst family and friends on beautiful Gabriola Island, BC. There was a barker, a tight rope walker, a bearded lady, a fortune teller, several gypsie-types, a stilt-walker, hoola-hooping queens, a strong man, tattooed ladies, a clown and, of course, the bride and groom... the mermaid and the ring master.
There was pop corn, lolly-pops, salt-water taffy, enough jelly beans to choke 20 clowns and a chocolate drooped, sponge taffy wedding cake.
The entire weekend was spectacular. We couldn't have asked for it to have gone off any better.

Below is a scan of a real-deal Polaroid of the Ringmaster and the Mermaid taken by our photographer and friend, Vivienne McMaster.

Many more photos are to follow but this one has a special place on this blog for it's photographic allure.

I'm still reeling from the ludicrous amounts of sugar and wall-to-wall family visits so the blog is still on mini-hiatus. Once the dust settles... Kreddible Trout Photographic Enterprises will be back in full swing. Or... swim.