23 August 2010

Kreddible Trout Industries Activewear Division

As some of you may know, Kreddible Trout Industries has an Activewear Division dedicated to bringing quality upper-body garments to the torsos of the world. Some people call these garments 't-shirts'.
T-shirts are vitally important to my generation. No one thought it would happen, but it seems that somewhere between the late 70s and the early 80s the bumpersticker fell out of fashion as the vessel for all things immensely profound and was replaced by the t-shirt. (The early 80s was just that kind of fearless time) From my first favorite tee 'homework rots my brain' in grade 3 I knew they were powerful. This t-shirt with a cartoon of a depressed looking ogre fellow with a pencil sticking out of his ear sitting above a pile of papers (presumably homework) seemed to make my teacher really really uptight. Anything that rocked my 8-year-old socio-political situation that strongly was bound to be more than just a garment! It was a statement. It was a revolution!

Needless to say, with the potential of evoking that kind of response... I had to start designing t-shirts. And now, lo these many years (and words in this blog... will he get on with it already??) later, Kreddible Trout Industries Activewear Division has made yet another sale of it's most popular, and hopefully controversial items! One of my favourite t-shirt designs 'nothing is real anymore' has sold for the 5th time, making it the most popular seller in the activewear catalog and darn near the most popular item in all Kreddible Trout Industries!

Here is the design of the t-shirt:

note the painstaking attention to detail:

this lovely (and mildly bitter) tee and many others of mine can be bought through the good people at redbubble. I'm actually wearing a redbubble tee right now... it's COMFY! Doesn't YOUR torso deserve a Kreddible Trout Tee?

Kreddible Trout Activewear... cos everyone should have a nice piece of Trout to slap on their torso!

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