21 February 2010

NEWS - Have Art. Will Travel.

Have Art. Will Travel

Thus begins another chapter in the odd little saga of Kreddible Trout. Yes folks in a month's time yours truly will be stuffing a bunch of art in the trunk of The Troutmobile, setting the compass to wobble southward and heading off next to the sunset. A little like the gunslinger alluded to in the title of this piece but with art and a camera instead of a deck of cards and a pistol.

Departing from: Victoria BC.

Destination: San Diego CA.

Specifically the Mission Federal Artwalk in San Diego California

At the encouragement of the art connoisseur and marginal maniac Colonel John (no real rank, it's an Elvis reference) who commissioned and contrived on this piece, I am embarking on something that we hope will end in my buying him a pink Cadillac to justify the title I just gave him.

The story goes:

Col. J. - Hey Trout, thanks for the yummy-yummy art! I really love it!

Trout – No problemmo crazy man! It was a lot of fun.

Col. J. - Bye for now.

Trout – Bye for now.

--- a day passes ---

Col. J. - Hey Trout. I have an idea.

Trout – Uh-oh.

Col. J. - Yeah, I know. So, your stuff is the King's knickers y'know?

Trout – um... I'm not sure...

Col. J. - It's great. It's cooler than Fonzie on ice and I know art savvy people will buy it up like hotcakes.

Trout – Hotcakes eh...?

Col. J. - Hotcakes. Stay with me Troutie.

Trout – Right. So what's the idea?

Col. J. - There's this huge, two day art spectacle here where I live in sunny San Diego called Artwalk where 130 000 hungry art consumers go every year looking to sink their teeth into yummy-yummy art! Kinda like yours! They buy stuff there. I've bought stuff there. You need to be there and sell your art because I think it's good enough to be there. What do you say?

Trout – Where do we begin?

...and the plan was hatched. Ideas flowed like rambling metaphors though a bad writer's keyboard and the plan (thus far) is this:

Get in the Troutmobile on March 19th & travel down the coast over 7 days to take in the experience and gather supplies, meeting friends along the way. The 'supplies' are the things I use to build my 'uniquely mounted' pieces ( like old trap doors, frames, tennis racket presses and old utensil drawers... you name it, I use it) . I'll be interacting with shop owners and get some stories to incorporate into the trophy piece of this extravaganza which Col. J. is calling a 'living history art piece' (which I love the sound of). When I get there I stay with The J's and, over the next 4 weeks, create the pieces for the Artwalk Festival in his garage. (alternately we may find a shopfront in San Diego for me to use as a studio before the show, we're still looking into it) For the show I'll have a mix of pieces, some 'uniquely mounted', some large limited edition prints, and hopefully the centerpiece will be the living history deal. I will be documenting the journey as I go right here on the old blog for those following at home.

The plan is to sell a crap-load of art and create a one-of-a-kind experience. In an ideal world, we sell a world of art and Kreddible Trout Photography gets rocketed into super-stardom (that kinda thing happens all the time in SoCal.) and I get a full page layout in Cigar Aficionado and become photographer to the stars and Col. J. gets a pink Cadillac. In a more optimistically realist world, we make back our investment, have an awesome time and I get some awesome publicity. In a horrible world I wander into a rumble between ninjas, pirates, The Crips and The Bloods and get shredded into coleslaw on which they all feast.

So, that's the big news. We here at Kreddible Trout Photographic Industries are very excited about this new scheme. It seems just crazy enough to fit us perfectly. ('crazy enough' meaning the 'we' we speak of all the time is me, alone in my tiny office with my toy collection) I hope to be doing some impromptu fundraising events on the way involving selling photos and maybe doing a performance or two (we may see if this William Foley character will come along to do some acting). If any of y'all down the coast have any ideas or want to lend a hand to an impoverished traveling artist... please email me.

Please everyone check back here often as this will be Kreddible Trout International Headquarters for the next little while. Tell your friends, family and even enemies as I'm hoping for as large a network as I can manage to get as many people to the show as possible. If you blog, link to me. Let's get this puppy rolling!

Southern California... here I come. (hahahaha! This is crazy!)


  1. This sounds great!!! All the best!!! :D Slim from RB

  2. Don't forget us little people when you are a super star! Oh and I hear California Ninjas are fierce. :-)

    Great new my friend! I know you will do well.