04 March 2010


I guess two weeks makes it an unnecessarily long final countdown... but I couldn't resist sticking that song in your heads. You'll thank me for it once you stop being annoyed by it and start giggling about it. Should be riiiight aboooooouuuut...... now.

ok... so now back to the NEWS part of things. As mentioned above, in exactly two weeks from now the KREDDIBLE TROUT (part of the) WORLD TOUR 2010 officially begins. Planning is going swimmingly on both my and Col. J's end.

to fill in some gaps:

1) Col. John has been working on procuring a shopfront for me to work out of when I'm down there. This will act as both a workshop/studio and the promotional epicenter for Kreddible Trout Industries, Southern California Division. The intent is to evoke curiosity from passersby who would be forced to ask themselves, 'what's that lunatic with the weird hat doing with all those photos and old closet doors? Is he impersonating Elvis all alone in there now? Someone should do something!'
This shopfront is still in the works but we're hoping with Col J's pull and some massive generosity from some folks in California, something will happen soon on that front.

2) REALLY BIG NEWS just texted this evening... Col. J and his magical mystery networking skills have booked Kreddible Trout in a certain still-too-soon-to-mention-officially-but-apparently-pretty-swank performance/visual arts gallery for one night! The term 'cocktail party' has been mentioned and (as I don't know that i've ever really been to one... I like corn chips and root beer) being the focus of one is sure to be a surreal experience. One of my favorite kinds!
"Hey Fancypants! Get your crudités off'a there! That's art, y'know! Oh, no wait, that is a table... my bad. Carry on!"

3) Is there a three? There must be. Oh yes! The TOUR part of the tour is shaping up nicely with several meetings in the works. One being in Portland where I'm trying to hook up with some old e-friends form the JPGmag early days (lo... those many years ago! four years seems like an eternity in the internet) and some members of the now defunct 15x100 group. These are some photo-peers who I really respect and really look forward to meeting up with. I hope it turns out.

Speaking of turning out... I have to do that to the lights now and get some shut-eye.

Please keep coming by and checking things out here. The afforementioned Gallery will be announced very soon. With links and everything! I love my links! Yes I do.

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