18 March 2010


Ok... no really this time. This is the most finalist of countdowns that you could get. Serious. In 12 hours I'll be in a line up for the ferry to Seattle. I don't know where the Customs aspect of it all is, if it's on the other side or if they get that business out of the way before you get on the boat so... 12 hours from now I'll either be in customs trying really hard not to make any jokes or waiting in a line of cars thinking really hard about all the jokes I won't be telling customs officials. (Oscar Wilde wouldn't last one week in this day and age without being arrested.)
At 8am The Troutmobile will be loaded to the gills with art and clothes and the occasional clown nose and rubber chicken and I'll be ingesting my seventh coffee of the morning. (I've already had people expressing interest in a few pieces... things'r lookin good already!)
Look out USA! Kreddible Trout is coming to play! (wow... that was even too cheesy for me. Maybe I'll get a job in Hollywood writing one liners for Bruce Willis...)

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