16 March 2010


This struck me last week and then got filed in the 'no time to think about that now' pile and forgotten about. Sometimes my head & life get so busy that I forget about the things that drive me. The important things.

On January 1st my fiancee and I moved back to the city. We found a beautiful little apartment with big windows. These big windows look out (over the shell station) towards the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. It's quite a nice view (ignoring the shell station) and that poor, disregarded thought last week was 'I'm going to be in them mountains soon!' and I love that feeling. It's presents under a christmas tree, that feeling. The anticipation is like the day after a good first date.

In three days I'll be well over those mountains.

I'd be mad at myself for forgetting about that thought, but I don't have the time. I'll put that in the 'forget about it entirely' file.

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