08 March 2010

Kreddible Trout Idol!!!

That's right home fans, now's your chance to have your voice heard! We here at Kreddible Trout Industries understand that a lot of you like to believe that you have some sort of say somewhere. That democracy is important to you. Well, now you get to flex your opinions and tell me what shots are your favorites and deserve to be spotlighted on the website! As in the real world, your opinions may be considered and either patronized until you give up on them or used to further our personal goals here at KTPindustries.
Confused? Here, lemme help you.
To facilitate showcasing 'the best' of KTP, Col. J and I have been going through my photos and picking out our favorite favorites and realized that we're both a little nuts so we should maybe ask the perfectly sane general public (or the segment of the general public that comes by here) what they think. Have a favorite shot on the website? Comment below & it'll go up in the special folder. Know of a shot of mine at JPGmag or redbubble that isn't in the collection? Comment below. Are you one of the handfull of people who know of a photo I have stuffed in a box somewhere that you're actually mad at me for not having put up yet? Comment below.

Now's your chance to be heard! Now's your chance to show the world you care! Now's your chance to be done reading this post!


  1. i like the one you took of that cute cat that one time. that cat was so cute!!!

  2. Jellofish supernova is my new favorite. I could look at image for long periods of time. Long enough that some people would be like "Hey. Cut it out."

  3. anonymous #1: what are you some kinda joker?
    anonymous #2: when you stare at it for a long time does the image slowly change to a bust of Elvis? It's designed to do that, but only if the viewer has ingested unholy amounts of coffee.
    Consider your votes HEARD! (except you #1, there's only room for one joker around here. And he's on maternity leave.)

  4. Ummmm......The Flash and the Ferry! Hello?!

  5. I like "fossil" a lot... the flecks of colour really offset the monotone of the "dig".

  6. Vote----> hope to see "firecracker" "it's what they call "protective colouring" & "roller derby girls" additions.............

  7. anonymous #3: I'm thinking of shots to blow up and sell... flash and the ferry is nice, but... i'll have another look. I'm not convinced yet. convince me.

    anonymous #4: 'fossil' is in there, no? yes, yes it is. thanks for the vote of confidence.
    it and it's story are one of my faves as well.

    Jolie B: mmm... yes... I'm always in favour of those in favour of vibrant colours. I'll bring those ones up at the next board meeting and see if we can come to some sort of amendment in short order.


  8. I'm a big fan of "army of underdogs," "jellyfish supernova," and "ropes a liar." I also like your "black-and-white" series and your "kicks" series. Of your self portraits the one included in "the art of turning to stone" essay is my favorite. "Cotton" is probably one of the sexiest images I have ever seen.
    So that makes five favorite images and two series...and counting.

  9. I have purchased two pieces from Billy that I absolutely love! We have the pieces showcased next to our newly renovated bar and I have received lots of good comments, even from other artists. Billy is a great local talent and I hope everyone gets a chance to see his incredible work.

    Michelle Samuels.