16 March 2010


Here is an example of a new experiment that I plan to be doing a lot more of. People tell me that my words are an important extension of my work so I've been trying to come up with ways of incorporating them. The words, not the people. As many of you know sometimes I tend to go on so this method may not work for all pieces but I'm liking it so far.

Any of you art savvy consumers down the coast who have been dying to purchase an Original Kreddible Trout Photographic Artwork (from the Kreddible Trout Aesthetic Solutions Division) as I breeze on through your town, please save up your allowances. On the trip I plan to be selling pieces at bargain basement prices to make room for the new stock so Artwork will be flying out the trunk of the Troutmobile at unprecedented rates! (I should probably look into getting that trunk fixed before I go...)
Here are examples of other stuff that is coming your way... these ones are one of a kind... each of them... individually are one of a kind... as a group they're... nevermind...
have a look!
this piece
and this piece
this piece too
let's not forget this piece

I'm hoping to have music playing loudly as I approach. Kinda like the ice cream truck used to (anyone remember those?) but with me it'll sound more like very loud Ozzy Osbourne through bad car speakers.