12 July 2010

reports from hiatus & the redbubble homepage

Where the hell have I been? Oh yeah. Busy.
Just a quick update for the throngs of you out there in Trout Fanclub land as to where I've been and will be for the next month.
After arriving home from the big adventure down south I have been full marriage preparation mode. The future missus Trout and I are due to get hitched on July 31st and have been tremendously busy preparing. Truth be told, she's been busy with it all for much longer and has been working very hard indeed. Since I basically took off 2 months to do the big trip, I needed to pick up my end of things upon my return. So, that's where I've been.
I don't expect to have much time for anything until mid august. Until I can return to semi-regular posts I hope you can all stay busy with the Cut Out, Dress Me Up Trout Kit you received with your Trout Fanclub membership package.

One more thing, my shot montreal die in was featured on the redbubble homepage. It's gone now as there is a daily turnover on that page. Here is my profile for those curious and this is what the homepage looked like sometime this past weekend:

and here's the other view:

We will return you to your regularly scheduled Trout updates when the marital dust has settled. We thank you for your patience.

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