10 March 2011

THE day THE was featured on THE redbubble homepage

My shot 'THE' was featured today on the redbubble homepage. I didn't actually see it as sometimes they rotate the homepage more than once in 24 hours, but it WAS there... look, here's the proof! Proof that, you know... I could have photoshopped in less time than it takes to load the program wherein I'd be editing the photo... but I SWEAR it's real!

That's all for today... tune in again soon & read a funny story! And don't forget to check out this entry and give me your opinions to win an original Piece Of Trout! Contest ends soon.  

Void to all employees of Kreddible Trout Photographic Industries and Subsidiaries 
and all parent, sibling and little baby companies as well as anyone named Nephi. 
(sorry Nephi)

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