03 May 2010

madeinvic.ca - 100 Cameras Project: Camera 021

As though I didn't have enough to do, in February I did a project which involved 100 disposable cameras, one month and the question 'what does made in victoria mean to you?'. So I went out with a more succinct (i know... me? succinct? really though) preface rather than a question which was 'Victoria is...' and had people fill in the blank. Saved me a hell of a lot of work! Just had other people do it.
some time last week the project was put up online and last night I finished the story for it but here, finally is my assignment.
madeinvic.ca - 100 Cameras Project - Camera 021 - Kreddible Trout 'Takin it to the streets'

I'm very happy with how it turned out. Please take some time and have a peek. I've always thought Victoria was pretty swell, but after being away for so long I have a new found respect for it.


  1. Have you heard of the organization 100cameras. www.100cameras.org Where they uses photography as a way to raise awareness and funds for kids living in unjust situations by partner with organizations and teaching a photography class and let the kids tell their story through the lense. They then throw photo exhibitions and sell the kids photos and 100% of the money goes back to the kids organization. Check them out. Super grassroots based out of nyc and are slowing showing one perspecitve at a time. www.facebook.com/100cameras

  2. Apart from yours I liked number 46. By the way, your lady might recognise someone featured in 47 AND 93. Cool project, wish the picture quality had been better.

  3. elly, thanks will check that out.
    madame maurader, 46 eh? you're such a mom.
    & as for the regular guest, it was his cafe where the cameras were handed out. he's involved in a lot of stuff over here. as for the pic quality I think it's perfect. they were cheapie disposables. really cheapie.