24 November 2010

Kreddible Trout Design??? You Betcha!

The other day it donned on me: I do design too! Ive been designing my own business cards for ages, have done posters for various types of events (mostly ones I've been involved in...art shows etc) & small businesses. I've done layouts & designs for this very blog!
So the heavy business side of my brain got to thinking...
'hmmm... how can I use this ability to my financial benefit? There's got to be a way...'

A couple of weeks later I stumbled upon this revolutionary idea to advertise it and start charging for my services!
(I do feel bad about having to lay a firm NO down and start charging the bake sale ladies. To be honest though, I think they've been taking advantage of my posters for cookies fees. Last time they gave me a cracker with a raisin on it... that's not a cookie ladies! Besides, they're all driving fancy sports cars now... I'm getting a bit suspicious. All that new bling... Ethyl got some gold teeth put in. I think they can afford to throw some my way.)

So please check out the new DESIGN section of the website-a-go-go!
And if anyone needs posters, business cards, layouts for your manifestos, please feel free to email me. My rates are (as always) reasonable and I guarantee service with a smile (possibly a sly grin)!

Also, I just posted a few shots from a recent promo session. As odd as it sounds, it was for another classical musician. The gentleman Joey Pietraroia (a fellow ex-pat Montrealler) is a real deal classical music conductor!
Here are a couple of examples, more can be seen on ye aulde website

So that's all for this installment of What's New On The Website! 
(oh thank jeebus!)

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