13 March 2010


As last weeks countdown was a little premature to be truly considered 'final' I've decided that now, with less than a week before liftoff would be a little more appropriate. KT of the future is waking up in Portland right about a week from now and starting to think about coffee having begun his journey a week and a day ago... wow, this is more complicated than Quantum Leap.
Some news. Yesterday I had my first conversation with our contact at the aforementioned gallery (I think I mentioned it somewhere below...) and the Closing Night Gala is pretty much confirmed. The Gala is set to happen on the last night of Artwalk at the Sushi Performance and Visual Art Gallery in San Diego and will involve both visual and performance from yours truly. As I have tinkered with the idea of doing some pass-the-hat fundraising events on the way down to San Diego with me doing a bit of one-man-show-performance-type-stuff I thought I'd add a bit of that to the closing night. Details still need to be worked out, but it should be an interesting night. It'll be a wine and cheese and chocolate and rootbeer event, so... wear a tie and a clown nose.
Other news. I'm about to do my last 12 hour day of working two jobs and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy about that. Now I can devote all my time to making sure everything is secured here on the homefront, in the Troutmobile, in San Diego and that my accommodations down the coast are confirmed.

Now's the time when I'm going to be triple checking everything I need before I go. If anyone has and suggestions or advice as to things I may be forgetting on my trip or information I may need to look into before I go, please lemme know. (Trout, don't forget to wear pants.)

off to work! peace out y'all!


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  2. Damn typos....
    Advice for launch and pre-launch: remember to breath, and kiss the girl!
    As for the journey: look left and right before crossing the street, eat as well as you can, sleep is necessary and always enjoy.
    The ride will go swimmingly, Trout!

  3. mucho thankos oh maurader of space. I'll dot my 'i's and pickle my 'q's too! (I have no idea what that means, but I love the way it sounds so I'm keeping it.)