14 May 2010

Brazen New Initiatives @ kreddibletrout.com!

That's right folks there is something brand-spankin' new a-brewin' over at the ol' Mothership Kreddible Trout Connection!

Reports are sketchy at this point but it seems that the self-proclaimed 'Gurus of Gigantic Ideas Department' believe they have sunk a hole in one recently with their LARGE SCALE PHOTOGRAPHIC INSTALLATIONS idea. They're just so sure about it they convinced our team of web developers (me, sitting on my living room floor drinking too much coffee) to put some gaudy, repetitive and criminally 80s coloured links on the website to draw attention to it. They all lead to the same thing, which is annoying, but in marketing annoying works! Annoying works! Annoying works!

They think it just may be the key to unlocking the gateway to riches I promised them that night after too many virgin margaritas. (Ow. the headache still haunts me)

The nutshell is this:
- Big Walls.
- Big, custom tailored photographic art.

We're thinking:
- condos. - restaurants.
- bars. - offices.
- lobbies. - foyers.
- other places like lobbies and foyers.

Clincher #1 - It's absolutely one-of-a-kind. TIER 1 CUSTOMERS get photographs no one else will ever have. Period.

I know! Crazy! Just crazy!

The other clincher is that the first couple of art savvy consumers who hire me for this fantastically one-of-a-kind initiative are going to get a really, really sweet deal. As I need to build my portfolio for this new concept, I'll be charging just slightly above cost for the first couple of commissions. Really though, it's for a limited time only!

Are you still reading this? Would you go over and look at the thing already?!?

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