10 May 2010

ok... i lied.

two things:

first. Yay Habs. Keep it up.

second. I just invented the term 'phonetography' which refers to the silly (yet increasingly impressive) world of iphone pictures & the 'apps' that vintage-ify them. they're getting very artsy and make me wonder why I carry around all this tonnage of 40D with me.

That's right, PHONETOGRAPHY. It's mine. Anyone uses it and they owe me royalties. Or... chocolate & coffee. (I may own 'vintage-ify' too... be careful)

Artwalk/Sushi Gallery
San Diego/The Col Js
Driving in Southern California.

then we'll be back on track.


  1. You tease.
    I am totally going to rip off your Phonetography term...or think of an even better one...iTography. Beat that. Seriously, with a stick. I can't stand all these nouns having a lowercase I in front of them as if somehow that legitimizes the commodification of it all.
    Thus endeth mine rant.