27 May 2010

To 'wax poetic' is lofty and fine, but to 'grind poetic' is simply devine.

Over at the mothership there is a message board. A day or so after I left the Casa del J. to schlep back home last month I found this lovely poem writ to me by the lovely Mrs. Col. J. on that message board.

I'm deeply flattered by the piece and mildly worried that my coffee addiction is so powerful that it moves people to poetics.
Love. Death. Justice. Coffee. Truly the 4 essential themes in poetry.

Here is the piece:

Mr. Coffee's Lament
by Mrs. Col. J.

Oh where oh where is my Kreddible Trout
Oh where oh where can he be?
With his 3 cups of water and 12 scoops of grind,
Oh where oh where can he be?

For 4 weeks in a row I gave him my brew,
Because he was looking so tired.
When he left for his workshop, I thought to myself
His art is part talent and part being wired.

And now he’s gone home, and I’m stuck here with decaf,
and what oh what do I see?
Across the counter where I always sit,
The Sumatran Roast taunting me!

Thank you very much Mrs. Col. J.
... & say 'HI' to Perky The Coffee Machine for me, would you? Tell her I hope decaf is treatin' her right.


  1. hi. i'm posting a comment.

  2. geez billy i was unaware my baby was a poet! ... we miss you both and hope all the circus plans are taking shape