15 September 2010

Fundraiser for the Bwera Vocational School and Cultural Center Project in Western Uganda.

Feeling philanthropic?
Always wanted to own an Original Piece of Trout (TM)?
Well now's your chance to do BOTH!

(Tell us more oh elusive one!)

I will!

Kreddible Trout Photographic Enterprises has donated an original, Uniquely Mounted piece of photographic art to the Partnership for Opportunity Development Association's (PODA for those who insist on acronyms) upcoming fundraiser for their Bwera Vocational School and Cultural Center Project in Western Uganda.

About the project:
(from PODA's website)
The proposed Bwera Vocational Secondary School and Community Cultural Centre Project has been designed to address the need for education in a severely impoverished rural community in Western Uganda. This particular project was identified as essential by community members through a collaborative consultation process. The School and Community Centre will provide free secondary school enrollment and vocational training for HIV orphans and other disadvantaged youth, providing new opportunities, support, and a greater sense of stability in the region. The project builds on an existing vocational and secondary school project, in which Partnerships for Opportunity has been involved since 2005, in collaboration with Cobra Association for Life Improvement, a local Ugandan non-profit.

About the Fundraiser:
October 1st, 2010 - 6pm
DaVinci Centre, 195 Bay Street, Victoria BC (Vic West)
What & How:
It's a lottery. There will be 100 pieces of art donated by 100 artists. Doors open & viewing begins at 6pm. Throughout the evening there will be music, a locally sourced cash bar and complimentary light canapes (I'm curious to find out what one of those are). At 7pm is the main event. Lottery numbers will be drawn, at random. When your number is picked, you get to choose your preferred piece from those that remain. There will be one piece of art for every ticket so... unlike the regular lottery, everyone goes home a winner. (I envision the last guy getting stuck with one of them black velor clown paintings but the joke's on the other 99 'cos those things rock!)

How much:
$200 per lottery ticket (which guarantees a piece of art)
$20 per spectator (like me)

About the Piece of Trout:
I'm gonna keep that as kind of a secret. The kind of secret that's... secret. I'll just say that it is one of my favourite pieces. It used to hang over my desk. When I decided to move it to a place where more people might see it, the pricetag was $385. Because I believe in this cause and with some luck on your side you can drive it home for $200!

I will be there. I would love to have 200 bucks to throw in the hat in hopes of walking home with a new piece of art. Unfortunately, this functionally starving artist can only afford to be a spectator. When I sat down and spoke with Colleen from PODA about the donation, she explained the project to me. I asked if they needed any photographers with a rudimentary understanding of hammers to join the team.

It seems to be a really good cause & I'm very proud to be involved even in this indirect way.
Please come out if you can. Even if you're just a spectator like me.

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