03 September 2010

Kreddible Trout Published on 1x.com

There's a really swank website out there called 1x.com that has some actual criteria involved in being published there. And I quote from their website:
"1x is a photo community with a difference. Take the work of the most talented photobloggers, various famous photographers, and many serious amateurs, select their best work and collect it all in one place - that is 1x. Everyone is welcome to contribute, but every photo is screened, which means it has to be approved by an editor (screener) before being published. 1x is a photo gallery with a constantly evolving exhibition. We publish dozens of new images every day."

I just got word that one of KTP's most popular images 'montreal die-in' was published there today.

In the world of online photo communities it feels good to be one of 'dozens' rather than one of 'every bloody thing submitted'.

Thanks 1x!

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