02 September 2010

iNews! (that's what they'll call news in the future...)

Greetings to you, people of the past. I, Kreddible Trout, am communicating with you from the future. Please do not be alarmed. I have discovered a device that will make your fascination with sliced bread seem trite. (though I have doubts that this device would taste good toasted with peanut butter)
It is a telephone with which I can not only surf the world wide web and make blog posts from the bathroom but a device which also has a camera and a compass. Apparently there are a few other things in it too. I'm excited for the next rainfall to see if an umbrella will pop out. I am also under the assumption that, in the case of a disaster (knock on iWood) it will inflate into a raft of some sort.
For now... I'll spend my time making sure North is staying where it's supposed to and taking a few 5MP pictures with it.
It is called iPhone and this is the first picture taken with it that wasn't of my goofy face looking like it's trying to figure out advanced trigonometry while worrying about a recent burrito experience. 

(shut up and show us the stupid picture already!)
 oh. yay. another stupid roadside couch...

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