21 April 2010


I don't know if you guys got the memo, but this whole blog thing has been about this weekend.
That's right, Kreddible Trout, the man, the myth, the discontinued brand of applesauce will be at the Mission Federal Artwalk in the Little Italy area of San Diego this coming weekend. The corner of Columbia & Fir in tent #s 794 & 795.
Tell all your friends! Tell the whole bunch!

KT will have a variety of yummy yummy art for sale! Some at prices even KT could afford! KT will have a museum for you to gander through (think this blog... nailed to a bunch of thriftstore frames and other oddities... curious?). KT will have a long nap after this is all over!

Also... (also... as if it all weren't enough...) KT will be schlepping this craziness across town to the Sushi Center for the Urban Arts to show it off there & maybe do a little performance or two!

KT will now stop talking about himself in the third person and go to bed.


  1. Who doesn't, my fishy friend?
    Have great scads of fun this weekend. Too bad I can't come down and throw money at you in exchange for art. I am certain you and your wall things will be a great hit - at the Walk and at the Sushi joint. Tell us all about it when the dust settles.
    With pictures!

  2. 'scads'... you just keep throwing scads of comments & support, scadmaurader. (you can always send your dad over... maybe he'll buy you some art!)