15 April 2010

One Degree of Kevin Bacon's Doppelganger

So... I'm in the shop today building art and get a window gawker. This happens a few times a day and is the reason I'm set up in the glassy corner of an old car dealership (lots of windows = lots of things to be seen = more publicity). I'm about 40% successful at waving people in who seem interested. I tell them the story about who and why and what and all that jazz, try for a chuckle or two and hope to see them at Artwalk. It's fun.
So... the gawker today is peering in the window, trying to make out some of the writing on one of the shots and I motion him in. He politely waves me off & keeps squinting through the glass. I go on about my work and he starts to wander off. Then I notice him checking out another, larger piece hanging in the window. He gives me the 'thumbs up' motioning to the whole shop sort of saying 'nice stuff' and as he turns away I clue in that he looks just like Kevin Bacon.
Now, I'm thinking that it wasn't Kevin Bacon but a Kevin Bacon impostor, coincidental lookalike or... his doppelganger. I say this because if it was really Kevin Bacon and I didn't get a chance to lure Kevin Bacon in and hit him with a chuckle or two I missed out on an opportunity to sell art to Kevin Bacon. Which would suck because of all the celebrities he's one who I'd be proud to have one of my pieces. He's pretty cool that Kevin Bacon.
So, whoever you are walking around San Diego looking like Kevin Bacon, be a little more careful with that resemblance would you? Some over-caffeinated, under-rested, mildly stressed artist might go off on late night tangents like this instead of sleeping! Have some respect, would you?

Oh, and I got featured on the redbubble homepage again today. with my shot "it's what they call 'protective coloring'"

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