20 April 2010


That's right folks, yours truly Mr. Kreddible Trout esq. has opted to forgo yet more sleep to update y'ez all on the progress. It's been many long days (really, I think I've taken one full day off from the shop since arriving in San Diego & I probably spent some of that day off working on the computer.) Progress has been... well, it's been pretty good I think. 12 hour days have a way of paying off. (10+ hours is about the amount of time I spend at the shop per day. A lot of the time it may appear as though I'm just standing there rubbing my head and tapping my foot... but that's me thinking and contemplating artistic-type things... or thinking about coffee)

It really hit me tonight just how busy I've been. Col. J and I went out to grab some Mexican (no... some food... we didn't get slapped) up the street and I realized that I hadn't ever walked north on my street before. I'd never taken a left out of the studio. This is completely not my nature as I live to wander every nook & cranny. I love variation. I love getting new perspectives on things even if that simply means taking ten paces to the left. Or zigging when I was intending on shimmying.
My world has been the highway between Col Js and the studio.
The Studio.
The path I've worn in the sidewalk between the studio and the coffee shop.
The occasional sidetrack on a different street to hit a thrift store is just another point between Col J's and the studio.

I'm not complaining. I'm just in a bit of shock.

Michelle also mentioned to me tonight that there's a big curvy bridge in pictures she's seen of San Diego when she googles it. 'Bridge? What bridge?' I said. I googled it. Sho 'nuff there's a big dang curvy bridge! It looks pretty cool and might lead somewhere neat. I wouldn't know though because I've been cranking out a bushel of yummy-yummy art that I am very proud of.

Again. Not complaining. The pieces I've been able to accomplish are well worth it. I'm thrilled about them. Again, just a bit of a shock.

So... here are some pics of some stuff. I took a few hours last saturday to go to the beach.

Here is a pelican.
here's the shop a few nights ago.

here's a self-pic of me & one of my new favorite pieces (it's much huger that it looks behind my big noggin)

here's something that I spent too much time getting it to the perfect blue-blackness for it to now be white.

here's where some burgers are:

and here is (...I almost don't want to show it but it's hanging in the front window of the shop now so... I guess it's not a secret...) the first completed part of the Living History Art/Museum Piece (a.k.a this blog in real life). It's still untitled and focused on my beach experiences in LA (Santa Monica Pier & Venice Beach). That little guy behind it is me. I am 5'10" and weigh about 185... for reference.

so... now I'm going to have some serious words with my pillow. Usually if I provoke it, it'll haul off and knock me out.

Say 'Goodnight', Troutie.
'Goodnight Troutie'.

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