11 April 2010


Oh, hello again friends! So nice of you to drop by.
Now I know you all think I've been slacking off a bit and, if the measure of one's work were measured in blog posts you'd be right. But you're wrong. Very very wrong. At the end of my second week in San Diego I've had one day off and have filled the others with the creation, construction, organization, arrangement and reconfigurment of the Kreddible Trout Mad Science Studio, San Diego Branch and the works displayed therein. It's been a busy two weeks. From the purchasing and assembling of pvc piping & chickenwire (??) to the gathering yet more art materials, to deciding on and printing shots, to nailing and bashing and hammering and screwing and painting and gluing and twisting and matting and framing and hanging and fretting... to working on promo material & the organization of the closing night shin-dig at the Sushi Gallery... it's been pretty non stop.
Oh yeah, and on my day off there was an earthquake. Colonel J and I were on a roadtrip and happened to be pretty close to the epicenter. That was pretty frikken cool.

So, the studio.
John managed to finagle us a sweet shopfront to work out of. It's right around the corner from where the tent will be at Artwalk. It's an old car dealership and has got more windows than a man like myself (who likes to work with no pants on) might be comfortable with but this affords us some pretty decent display potential. Despite my dubious-ity concerning Col. J's scheme of concocting display units involving chickenwire and pvc piping, I think they turned out pretty nice after all. Half of them now form the 'back wall' of the studio. The signage has gone from meager to ridiculous as is perfectly fitting for this endeavor.

these shots was taken last night and might give you an idea as to why I've been slacking on the blog-front:

In the top photo, the three pieces hanging in the upper windows are much larger than they appear. The middle one is a 20x30 print secured inside an antique-ish window and weighs a ton. If anyone recognizes the one on the right ('their chickens for eggs' that was hanging in my office at home) & remembers it's size, it'll give you a good reference point. Those of you who don't... imagine: BIG.

And here is a peek inside the madhouse:

Any of you all who are in the San Diego area, please feel free to come down and visit me. I'm on the west side of Kettner between Grape and Fir. I try to get in for around 11am. Well... I try to get in for 10, but in actuality I get in at 11.

Here is a shot from sometime during week one:

and here is our first of many trips to the hardware store:

... that's right... we jammed a bunch of 10 foot pvc piping and several rolls of chickenwire into Col J's Porche.

The man is nuts. Did I mention that?

So... now I'm off again to do... um... more stuff. I'll upload some shots from my desert trip and others from the San Diego leg of The Kreddible Trout (part of the) World Tour 2010 a little bit later (maybe next week?) We'll see.


  1. Absolutely loving the down-to-earth extravagance of Porsche + Chicken Wire!

  2. BILLY! Your space looks incredible! Congratulations. I am so excited for you and your amazing artistic adventure..... I think I might be really proud of you. In fact, I know I am. Nice work.


  3. Brilliant!Oh man,I wish I could be there to see it all with you!Proud doesn't cut it.