27 April 2010


Artwalk ended for me about 24 hours ago. Well, Artwalk itself about 30, but the whole weekend shebang... 24.
It's been madness.
I thought it was madness leading up to the weekend... I was wrong. As I'm still pretty wrung the hell out from it all I'll leave the elaborations for another entry and try to be as succinct as I can (haha).
I had a fantastic time. Although it was not as financially successful as we needed it to be I still felt it was worth every second. That may sound like ten pounds of platitudes in a five pound bag, but its true. Col J and I really (really) pulled out all the stops and when there were more stops to be pulled, and there were many, our incredible support team (Mrs. Col. J and the future Mrs Trout [& Derrick & Cody & Leah & Rachel & Katie & Spencer & Leutenent Jost & Megan & ...]) were there to pick up the chaos. (thank you all)
To me, the 'success' comes from the many times over the weekend people told me that our tent was the busiest, most interesting and original tent they'd seen all day. (what surprised us was that more than half of them were people we didn't pay to say that.)
So, yes, we'd have liked to have sold (a lot) more, but I handed out hundreds of business cards and talked to hundreds and hundreds of people. The living history exhibit was a huge draw and people had so many good things to say about it. I think I need to let some pictures my lovely assistant (the future Mrs. Trout) took of the weekend do the talking.
[Oh, yes she was there, by the way... there was a several-week-long conspiracy going on between her and the Colonel to bring her down to surprise me and, despite being concerned about how good a liar she is, I was thrilled to have her here. She is always a part of everything I do and am but her help this weekend was a vital part of it's success.]

Ok... I'm fading... here are some pictures...

Trout and the Colonel discussing the game plan thursday night:

setting up friday night:

my fiancee, the artist took this (really nice):

busy tent:

one end:

contemplating a big ticket item:

another end:

Trout takes a breather (fills gills with coffee) in front of the living history art museum:

I will have to write about the end of the night Sunday, the Sushi Gallery OFFICIAL END of the Kreddible Trout (part of the) World Tour 2010 another time as I very badly need to go and give the sandman a piece of my mind.

Other things too... other things I have to tell you... in time... in time.

Say goodnight Troutie.
'goodnight Troutie.'

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  1. So proud to know the coolest fish around and happy that you got to have this adventure.