29 April 2010

Tommy Lick-a-Trout.

One of my old friends from high school (Chateauguay, Quebec) lives in San Diego. His name is Tommy Kitsos. He is a rock and roller. But for real. I'm a rocker, but he makes the rock and roll for folks like me to rock too.
His band is called The Night Marchers. Rock.
Tommy and I have known each other for over twenty years. We worked at the same restaurant back home. He kicked me out of the second (and last) rock & roll band I was in, Grime. He's such a bad ass. I mean, he smokes cigarettes and everything. STILL.
It was Tom's birthday yesterday and I'm leaving San Diego tomorrow so we decided to hook up for a coffee & so's I could give him a birthday gift. The gift of photographic art. The gift that keeps on giving.
Even though he kicked me out of that band that time... I still wish I could have spent more time hanging out with Tommy. He's a good guy for a bad ass.

I took a picture of us in our aging glory. This is that picture:

It's obvious why his nickname in college was 'Tommy The Tongue'. Mine was just 'Nostrils'.

More tour info later on folks... calm down... have some dip.

Say 'goodnight' Troutie.
'Goodnight Troutie'.

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